Celebrating Life’s Most Precious Moments


Rose Fleur stems from an incredible love of flowers and a passion to create ever-lasting memories for each person who displays one of our hand-curated and tailor-made floral arrangements. Each floral arrangement is designed in-house to ensure your message is carried over with absolute care.


Whether you want to express your love romantically, treat a loved one for their birthday, articulate your appreciation for someone, or encourage beauty and elegance in your home, Rose Fleur is here to help you make a lasting impression, whatever the occasion.


Our Mission

Though our specialty is flowers, our true mission is to spread love, joy, appreciation, and abundance for our clients to cherish special memories forever.


Our Vision

Our goal is to successfully spread our love for flowers through online floral delivery. Our wish is for each client to appreciate each arrangement as much as we enjoy crafting them.


Accentuating Luxury

At Rose Fleur, our values stem from an absolute craving to deliver exceptional quality while contributing to our communities. Our values run deeper than the roots of our flowers, as we believe in optimal sustainability and compassion toward customers and Mother Nature.