Goregous Lush Bouquets that Last Over 365 Days



Discover stunning flower arrangements that will stand the test of time, with carefully enhanced bouquets that will beautify any space….even without a green thumb!”


At Rose Fleur, we believe that the rose is a symbol of timelessness, beauty, and everlasting love.   looking at a rose will fill your heart with a sense of love, joy, and purity. A rose is undoubtedly nature’s gift of sheer perfection. 

With Rose Fleur, you can bring the love and the perfection to your home, your next celebratory event, or your bridal party. Tell someone just how much you love them with a rose that appears to last forever. Through our carefully created treatments(we don’t actually process the roses), Rose Fleur’s collection of roses and other blooms can last anywhere from one year to three years with the correct care.


Most flowers, however, eventually wither, wilt and die. Making them a fleeting offering that are destined to fade. 


Our Longevity Roses last up to 1 year, without a single drop of water. For a gesture of devotion that lives long and true. 


A Mesmerizing Centerpiece 

This graceful longevity rose brightens hearts, smiles, and rooms, making it the perfect centerpiece and a feast for the eyes. 


The longevity rose infuses a warm aura into every space and sets the mood for romantic dinners, late night reading sessions, office decor or as a bedside companion. 


Celebrate Everlasting Love

Looking for a truly unique present for a loved one? 


Longevity Roses are perfect for gifting to your friend to show you care. Or in appreciation of your teacher. For your girlfriend, fiance or spouse. And, to show your Mother that family bonds will never fade. 

Premium Preservation Process

Our Longevity Roses look stunningly realistic. Because they’re actually real. Our couture rose arrangements come in sleek, Parisian style bouquets and are brimming with vibrancy. 


Enhanced Roses are our passion, and our preservation process is truly elite, ensuring the look and feel of freshness remain month after month. Each bouquet is delivered in a custom-designed keepsake box for an impactful, lasting impression. 


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